The Night Pirates – Nick Brooke and The Rose Theatre, Kingston – Production Design and Build – 2017

Production Design by Entify Designer, Deborah Mingham.  Built by Entify.  Set, props, character heads and puppet.

Directed by Miranda Larson.

“The Night Pirates is a delightful show that brings the much-loved book by Peter Harris beautifully to life thanks to inviting stage design (cleverly echoing the book’s original illustrations) and some striking costumes worthy of a West End production. ”  Curious Mum Website

“Designer Deborah Mingham has created a playful set. The large sail of a ship dominates upstage and acts as a screen for shadow puppetry. A sense of magic and the fantastic infuses the props and costumes, from the over-sized reading books and magical treasure chest to the large puppet head costumes of the grown-up pirates.”

“…My 5 year old was enthralled and giggled away at the pirate costumes with large heads and comical expressions…”  Mini Travellers website

“… cleverly done with unique and striking props and costumes–some which made me giggle.”  Mummy in the City website

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