The Owl and The Pussycat, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
The Owl and The Pussycat Webpage
February, 2017
Pie Ship, Costume Prop

Highly Sprung’s ‘Tree’ webpage
December 2016 / January 2017
6m tall moving performance structure
Design and build in collaboration with David Wood

Aladdin, Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
Aladdin webpage
Production Design
“The sound and lighting is top-notch and the magnificent sets provide the perfect backdrop for woking ‘n’ rolling”  The Stage
“…The set design was magnificent. Capitalising on the Chinese theme, there is a rotating palace, a trap door and moving dragons. The attention to detail is breathtaking, and the entire set has been fastidiously designed, down to the last light.” Love Midlands Theatre
“…a spectacle of live music, glitzy costumes and dazzling sets during a spectacular two-hour show at the Eastgate Street venue.”  Express and Star

Dick Whittington, Harrogate Theatre
Dick Whittington Webpage
Costume Props, Wigs, Set Props

Sinbad, New Wolsey
Sinbad Webpage
Humphrey the Camel and Dame’s Cart

Peter Pan, Greenwich
Peter Pan Webpage
Crocodile Puppet

The Patron’s Lunch
The Patron’s Lunch webpage
June, 2016
6m wide Giant Kestrel puppet and parade props, designed by Ala Lloyd for celebrations of the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Urban Astronaut
Highly Sprung’s Urban Astronaut webpage
May, 2016
Design and creation of a new structure and costume for ‘Hope’
… The female lead performed some impressive acrobatic feats too as she floated between her plants and inventions on a futuristic structure. Click here to read the rest of The London Love Letter Review

Hobbit webpage, The Dukes, Lancaster,May, 2016
Adapting our previous build of a 6m dragon as Smaug for The Hobbit, designed by Barney George.
…The dragon is a brilliant feat of theatre engineering, his movements are fluid and real, and it is a wonderful scene. Click here to read the rest of The Lancaster Guardian Review
…We had wondered how the Duke’s would bring a terrifying dragon to life but having seen previous plays we knew they would come up with something impressive. We were right, the dragon was fantastic and moved incredibly well considering its size and this scene was my favourite of the evening. Click here to read the rest of The Review

Shakespeare and Art exhibition
Shakespeare and Art webpage, Compton Verney and The RSC
February, 2016
Raked ship’s floor, leaf canopy installation and large gauze frames for exhibition, designed by Stephen Brimson Lewis

Aladdin webpage, Harrogate Theatre, Harrogate
November, 2015
Dame Costumes

Pharoah ‘cross the Mersey
Pharoah ‘cross the Mersey webpage, Royal Court, Liverpool
November, 2015
Ride on Camels, Alibaba Jars and Camel Puppets
…Throw in some ballsy comedy and a pair of hilarious pantomime camels Click here to read the rest of The Stage Review
…Starke, especially, looking like he truly is struggling to keep control of a real life camel with itchy feet. Talking of camels, Foxton’s latest ingenious set includes a couple of animated be-humped ones making wisecracks throughout the show. Click here to read the rest of The Liverpool Confidential Review

Jack and The Beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk webpage,Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
November, 2015
Giant, Skin costumes, puppets and props

“…a magnificent, full-length, walking Giant”  The Stage

Sword in the Stone
The Sword in the Stone webpage, The New Wolsey, Ipswich
November, 2015
Dragon Puppet, Staffs and Jousting Machine
…The dragon was amazing, it was very realistic for a Panto and it was amazing to watch on stage and how they managed that. Click here to read the rest of Ipswich Spy Review
…It is Guinevere and Broadbottom who defeat a stunning dragon to save the day. Click here to read the rest of the British Theatre Guide Review
…a beautifully conceived dragon Click here to read the rest of The Reviews Hub Review

Peter Pan
Peter Pan webpage,
Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
November, 2015
Crocodile Costume Puppet

Bear and Butterfly
Bear and Butterfly webpage,
Touring, Nationwide
August, 2015
Set tree with mechanical elements

Smallest Show on Earth
Smallest Show on Earth webpage,
Touring, Nationwide
August, 2015
Vintage Cinema Projector Prop

Cracked webpage, Sante Theatre, touring
July, 2015
Design and creation of set and costumes

Henry V
Henry V webpage, Antic Disposition, France and London
June, 2015

Transformations webpage,Imagineer, Coventry
June, 2015
Creation of Young People’s set designs

3 Little Pigs Live
3 Little Pigs Live webpage, West End, London
July, 2015
Soft props

CBeebies Live
CBeebies Live webpage, Arena Tour, Nationwide
April, 2015
Large Dinosaur Puppet, Rocket car and Rock set elements

Kern Baby
Kern Baby webpage,Compton Verney, Warwickshire
December, 2014
Devising of method and creation of Faye Claridge’s Kern Baby

A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol webpage, Middle Temple Hall, London
December, 2014
Marley’s Chains and Prize Winning Goose Props

Winter Arts Garden
Full House Theatre
November, 2014
Co-Deviser, Designer and Maker

Stafford Gatehouse
October and November, 2014
Props and Puppets

Scouse of the Antarctic
Scouse of the Antarctic webpage, Liverpool Royal Court Theatre
October and November, 2014
Puppet Maker

Harrogate Theatre, Cinderella webpage, Harrogate Theatre
November, 2014
Maker of Dame’s Costumes

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf webpage, Theatre Royal Bath
May, 2014
Shotgun that shoots an Umbrella, devise and make

As You Like It
As You Like It webpage, Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
April, 2014
Dyed umbrellas and flags

CBeebies Live
CBeebies Live
March, 2014
6m long backpack dragon and 4m tall backpack butterfly

Betty Blue Eyes
Betty Blue Eyes webpage, Colchester Mercury Theatre
March, 2014
Puppet car and fall apart chiropodists foot

Shaun The Sheep Live
January, 2014
Woodshredder machine and character masks (Bitzer, Woodcutter and Farmer)

Robin Hood
Robin Hood webpage, Watford Palace Theatre
November, 2013
Lifesize ‘Solid Gold’ Sherriff of Nottingham

Rock n Roll Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty webpage, Stafford Gatehouse Theatre
November, 2013
Small Animal Puppets

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty webpage, Harrogate Theatre
October, 2013
Giant UV Spider Puppet, Headless Knight Costume, Brimham Rocks Costume and Poly Carved Set Piece
…Costumes veer endearingly between the traditional and the architectural and Foxton’s sparkly castle set moves through many variations, notably a gloomy Mother Shipton’s Cave with a very scary spider! Click here to read the rest of the What’s on Stage Review
…costumes by designer Foxton are worthy of a catwalk show on their own, especially the headless knight and the map of the world. Click here to read the rest of the review by Yorkpress

What the Ladybird Heard
What the Ladybird Heard Live website August, 2013
Puppets made from ‘junk’ items, constructed on stage by performers

Carnival of The Animals
Carnival of The Animals website, Riverside Studio, London
April and May, 2013
Puppets, headdresses and Polystyrene Carved Animals
The design of the animals was so clever and subtle, the two birds were complete hand puppets, the tortoise was dressed like an American soldier with a tin helmet and a backpack as its shell, the asses and the zebra had wire heads, the cygnet’s head was also a hand puppet, but the actress’s arm became the neck and the elephant’s trunk was also an arm. Click here to read the rest of the review by Musical Theatre Review 

A Midsummer Nights Dream
Stafford Gatehouse, Stafford
May, 2013
Costume Props

The Iron Man
Graeae, London
May, 2013
Set, Painting and Dressing

Katie and The Mona Lisa Live
Katie and The Mona Lisa Live website, Tour
March, 2013
Puppet Maker

I Was A Rat
Birmingham REP, Birmingham
Jan – Feb, 2013
Costume Prop Maker

Spot’s Birthday Party
PW Productions, UK Tour
Jan, 2013
Prop Maker

Mother Goose
Watford Palace Theatre, Watford
November, 2012
Mother Goose Headdress Maker

Beauty and the Beast
Stafford Gatehouse, Stafford
November, 2012
Soft Prop Maker

Robin Hood
Greenwich Theatre, London
October, 2012
Dragon Puppet Maker
“Greenwich prides itself on not using star names to attract audiences to its pantos and with good scripting, acting, sets, costumes and effects – including a large dragon prop – it proves once again it doesn’t need to.” Click here to see the rest of the review from ‘The Hackney Gazette’

Jack and the Beanstalk
Mercury Theatre, Colchester
October, 2012
Giant Puppet Maker
“…the Mercury’s zombie-fied giant, handled masterfully by Lyndi Smith, would certainly gain the Danny Boyle thumbs-up.”
Click here to see the rest of the review from ‘The Stage’
“The Giant is memorably done – first as an ominous disembodied voice, then speaking through the mouth of others, and finally appearing as a huge, spectacularly spooky puppet”
Click here to see the rest of the review from ‘The Public Reviews’
Every Jack and the Beanstalk tale has a giant, and the giant in this performance didn’t disappoint. Fantastically created and brought to life by the talented Lyndi Smith, this ogre was certainly scary.
Click here to see the rest of the review from ‘Ipswich 24’

The Clink
The Clink Museum , London
July, 2012
Lifecast Mannequin Creation

In Search of My Father
Nu Century Arts, Birmingham
April, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony
LOCOG, London
March and April, 2012
Props Prototyping

Into the Woods
Stafford Gatehouse Youth Theatre, Stafford
February, 2012
Puppet Maker, Cow, Chicken, Birds

The Voyage
Motionhouse, Birmingham
January to July, 2012
Design Assistant and Maker

Olympic Torch Relay
Sofie Layton, London
January to February, 2012
Costume Design Visualizer

Dick Whittington
Stafford Gatehouse, Stafford
October, 2011
Puppet Maker, Punk Rats

Jack and the Beanstalk
Watford Palace Theatre, Watford
September and October, 2011
Puppet Maker, Giant Puppet

Curious Curios
Kazzum, Liberty Festival, London
August, 2011
Designer and Maker

Wizard of Oz
Taylorian Productions, Isle of Man
July, 2011
Headdress Maker

The Clink Museum
Clink Street, London
August, 2011
Mannequin Restoration

Godiva Carnival 2011
Imagineer Productions, Coventry
July, 2011
Costume Maker

The Iron Man
Graeae, London
March / April / May, 2011
Puppet Maker

The Tin Forest
Highly Sprung, Coventry
February 2011
Designer and Maker

Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
October / November 2010
Prop Maker

Glorious Rubble
Trove and The Museum of Lost Heritage, Birmingham
Site Specific Art Installation

The Three Musketeers
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
September / October 2010
Prop and Puppet Maker

Not Quite Gospel
Nu Century Arts, Birmingham
October 2010

The Tragedy of King Christophe
Nu Century Arts, Birmingham
September 2010

Coventry’s Godiva Carnival
Imagineer, Coventry
July 2010
Large scale Costume / Puppet Maker

The Garden
Graeae, London
Greenwich and Docklands International Festival
June 2010
Design Assistant and Prop Maker

The Carnival
The Drum, Birmingham
April 2010

The Dark Side of Buffoon
Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
February 2010
Prop Maker

North Down Primary School Residency
Sofie Layton, London
February 2010
Artist’s Assistant

Educational Puppet for the Historic Royal Palaces.
Kew Palace, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court.
January 2010
Puppet Maker

A Christmas Carol
Birmingham REP,
October 2009
Prop Maker

Imagine Theatre, September to December 2009
Pantomime Prop Maker for 2009 Season hires.

Frisky Bison Cocktail Bar
Big Chill Festival 2009. I-Creo
Bison Helmets

Leicester Carnival
July 2009
Workshop Artist

Against the Tide
Graeae, London
Graeae and Strange Fruit, Greenwich and Docklands Festival
June 2009
Assistant Costume Maker and Set Dresser

Coventry’s Godiva Carnival 2009
Imagineer Productions, Coventry
June 2009
Carnival Artist

For The Best
Unicorn Theatre
May 2009
Assistant Prop Maker

Serious Money
Birmingham REP,
April 2009
Upholstery on Set pieces

His Dark Materials
Birmingham REP,
March 2009
Additional Prop Maker

Scooby Doo World Theatre Tour
January 2009
Costume Props Assistant Maker

Holocaust Memorial Day, Coventry
Highly Sprung, Coventry
January 2009
Puppet Maker

CBeebies Live Event Tour
Nov – Dec 2008
Assistant Animal Creator
Assistant to Sherri Hazzard in creating large scale costume animals.

DaCapo Theatre Company, ,Jacksons Lane Theatre
September 2008
Costume Designer and Maker

Underland, Pentabus and Kindle Theatre
July 2008
Costume Designer and Maker

Godiva Carnival,
Imagineer Productions, Coventry
April to July 2008

Olympic Torch Relay 2008
March / April 2008
Dressing large scale backpack puppets. Designed by Sofie Layton, built by Tony Mason.

Coventry Christmas Lights Switch On Parade
Imagineer Productions, Coventry
December 2007
Costume and Prop Designer / Maker

Reality Estate
Friction Arts, Birmingham
October 2007
Wardrobe Mistress for Street Theatre / Happening

Godiva Carnival
Imagineer Productions, Coventry
June 2007
Designed and made a 5 metre tall figure for procession in Coventry’s ‘Godiva Carnival’

St Paul’s Trust – Touring Youth Theatre
June 2007
Designer and Maker.

The Tragical and Comical Tale of Punch and Judy
Imagineer Productions, with Youngblood
July,August and Sept 2007
Designer and Maker

Twiggy and the K*mesons Music Video
Shoi Productions
Costume designer

‘Switched’. Short film.
Shoi Productions
Director and Costume designer.